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Preferred Financial Services is a member of the United States Organization For Bankruptcy Alternatives (USOBA), and all consultants are certified by the Center For Financial Certifications (CFC). Member of the Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce

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Bad Credit

Late payments can not only lead to an urgent search for a new source of additional financial assistance but may also affect your credit rating. Whether you forgot to pay your bills on time or there were some financial emergencies that got in your way, lowering your credit score by a few points could negatively affect your future financial situation.

Preferred Financial Services can help you not only reduce your debt and come to a credit card debt relief but also rebuild your financial strength. If it becomes challenging for you to cover all your debt payments, contact us at your earliest convenience to prevent unpleasant consequences. If it has already happened to you, don’t worry. We are eager to serve our clients regardless of their credit.

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Preferred Financial Services is a place where we believe in your financial freedom and want to give you all the opportunities to get back on your feet again. Imagine a life without the worries of overwhelming credit card debt. This life is closer than it seems! If you need some money to overcome your financial difficulties or consolidate your existing debts, we are ready to help you as we have already helped hundreds of clients.

We offer:

  • Free consultations;
  • No obligations;
  • Personal approach;
  • The program designed to meet your specific needs;
  • Additional financing programs for bad credit;
  • You are debt-free in as little as 36months.

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